Future of Customer Service Automation

Your customers need help. They contact your organisation. Your organisation is able to help 85-90% of your customers, without anyone from your organisation spending anytime on these customer requests. It all happens automatically, regardless of how your customers contact your organisation, phone, chat or any other channel.

Taking this further, your customer service automation software is able to contact the customers and let them know about any potential issues that would impact them, automatically, at a very low cost.

Welcome to AI enabled and mostly automated customer service.

85% Automation

85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent, within a few years.IBM, Microsoft, Gartner

It means only very critical customer interactions will be handled by humans. All other repetitive and often mundane requests will be handled by machines

You are able to do more with your automation than just provide basic information to customers over phone and chat, and rather able to handle most of customer queries end to end. This means getting into a position where you’re able to completely handles customers requests without any human interaction, whether these customer requests originate over the phone, chat or email. 

Imagine, one of your customers calls you business. Instead of one your agents, your customer service automation software picks up the call, holds a conversation with the customers, understands the customer requests and then carries out the required action to help the customer completely. The whole customer request is handled without any human interaction. Same happens over live chat and email.

Current advances in AI and automation provide a set of tools and products which can help organisation push the customer automation to a very high level.

Proactive and Automated Customer Services 

Taking this further, you can start to think about handling and resolving customer service issues before they arise.

Your customer service software is intelligent enough to detect a potential issue as it arises, i.e. a delay in order delivery. It analyses the delay, and in case it finds out that the delay will have an impact on the customer experience, it lets the customer know automatically. It manages the customer expectation and keeps them in the loop. Customers feel informed and valued, and a potentially problematic situation is turned into a positive customer experience. All automatically, with minimal cost.

The customer service automation software can seamlessly give customers the right information they need at the right time by making self-service options more powerful and intelligent. This can be achieved with live chat where instead of a human in the call centre, the chat is handled by a combination of AI and automation to help the customer end to end.

Another example of this would be handling and lowering customer abandonment rates in the purchasing cycle, whilst simultaneously reducing customer complaints and improving consumer satisfaction.

At this level, you’d have over 90% of customer services automated.

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