Case Study – Customer Service (WISMO)


A large UK based retailer with significant online sales asked us to look at a section of their customer service – specifically the inbound queries relating to ‘Where is my Order’.

Employing 10 FTEs throughout the year and then recruiting and training further tens of FTEs just for the busy season has been both expensive and time consuming.

Job satisfaction is low as the task is very repetitive. The task simply involves identifying the customer from key pieces of information such as name, address and order number, looking up the details on their order in the retailer’s back end system and relaying this information back to the customer.

With low job satisfaction, employee churn in this role was high, leading to further management overhead on this task.

Additionally, running a call centre team to answer this query 24×7 was not economically viable and so responding to customers this way was not providing the best outcome for customers.

Solution – Phase 1:

We suggested the following approach.

Use IntelliAgent AI and Automation solution to completely automate the handling of “where is my order” (wismo) phone calls that can communicate with customers over the phone, conduct ID and Verification checks, identify the customer order and relay back to the customer the status of their order, 24×7.

Scale up and down by adding/removing IntelliAgent Artificial Intelligence Agents as needed through the year.

Re-deploy staff to more engaging work in other areas of the contact centre.

Solution – Phase 2:

Expand the solution to enable the automatic handling of a wider range of queries such as handling returns and cancellations, stock enquiries etc.

With the AI trained to deal with 90%+ of the tasks covered by the this specific customer service team, roll the solution out to provide multichannel ways of responding ie via email and live chat on the company website, providing 24×7 support with zero delay for customers, regardless of the customer’s preferred channel of communication.


State of Automation


Phase 1

State of Automation


Phase 2

State of Automation



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