Case Study – Human Resource


A large UK retailer with approximately 100,000 employees has a large, centralised recruitment function that communicates with candidates exclusively via email. It receives over 3 million applications from candidates per year.

Amongst all the communications were a huge number of FAQs that the team had to deal with over email. Questions like ‘Where do I sign up for job alerts’, ‘Can I apply for more than one role’ etc.

Answering all these FAQs was taking the team’s time away from the core task of candidate selection and recruitment. In some cases, FAQs were not being answered with an impact on Brand perception. It also leads to long delays in responding to many other types of important emails.

Solution – Phase 1:

IntelliAgent Artificial Agent built to respond to all FAQs coming into the inbox. IntelliAgent determines the meaning of the inbound email to categorise and respond appropriately leaving the HR team to focus properly on the core task of recruiting the best candidates

Solution – Phase 2:

IntelliAgent Artificial Agent capabilities extended to answer questions beyond the FAQs that need to draw on the HR system, such as ‘what is happening with my application – am I being considered for the next stage’ or ‘when is my interview booked for’ etc.

IntelliAgent given access to the system to enable ID and verification checks and required response to be provided automatically to candidates.


State of Automation


Phase 1

State of Automation


Phase 2

State of Automation



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