Answer every call/chat/email instantly. At less than 60% of the cost.

IntelliAgent uses AI and automation to do everything your contact centre staff currently do. It integrates with your systems without any custom code/IT involvement.


Automate customer service over multiple channels i.e. phone, chat, email and text.
Automate all channels. Or pick any combination that works best for your business.


Automate up to 90% of customer services calls. Handle calls completely automatically, even the complex ones.


Provide automated chat support to help customers automatically. Beyond FAQ and simple responses.


Respond to emails instantly and completely automatically.

AI and Automation

Automate back office business processes. IntelliAgent uses AI and automation to do carry out tasks your staff currently do. It integrates with your systems without any custom code/IT involvement.

Automate Anything

Automate tasks that take a lot of manual effort. Free up your staff to do high value work.

IntelliAgent Explained - In 2 Minutes

Why Automate Customer Service

Your customer service doesn’t need to be expensive. Your customers don’t need to wait.
Your customers don’t need to get irritated with inconsistent service due to human errors.
Recruitment and training doesn’t need to be this painful and costly.
Your staff doesn’t need to suffer under continuous pressure.

Cut Costs by 60% or more

Running a contact centre, onshore or offshore, costs a lot of money. Save 60% or more by automating phone, chat and email support with IntelliAgent.

Delight Customers With a Speedy Response

Customers don't like to wait, at all. Delight them with a speedy response whenever they contact, however they contact, on phone, chat or email.

Easy – Rapid Automation

No need for any custom integration, APIs, or to build anything. We'll integtate IntelliAgent with your existing applications, free of cost.

Scale Automatically

Busy season? Or a slow one? No need to worry about capacity planning, hiring and training. Scale up or down - when you need to with a few clicks.

Eliminate Mistakes

Software doesn’t get tired. It doesn’t get annoyed. Machines don’t make mistakes. Eliminate human errors, and give your customers exactly what they want. Every single time.

Agents That Never Sleep

Software never sleeps. Or takes lunch breaks. Serve your customers, 24/7. All year long. And still, save over 60% in costs.

Change When You Need to – Free

No need to worry about staff training and manuals. Adapt to business and technology changes. Change in a matter of minutes. Test rapidly. And deploy quickly.

Use Your Existing Applications

Automate calls using exactly the same software applications your customer support and contact centre agents use. Nothing new to build or train.


Serve your customers using the channel they prefer. Phone, chat, and email to name a few.

Automate What Works for Your Business

You know what works in your business. Automate your own workflows and scenarios, that work in your business context.

How It Works

You choose the types of customer calls/chat/emails you’d like to automate
We train IntelliAgent to handle your exact requirements, so it understands your context, and gets ready to communicate with your customers.
We integrate IntelliAgent with your enterprise applications, so that it can help your customers end to end, without any help from your staff (or handover to your staff in if you so require). Now it can do what your agents currently do, automatically.
You test it. We fine tune it based on your testing and feedback.
We deploy it in securely (in the cloud or within your network).

For more information, please Contact us and we’ll arrange a custom demo that matches with your industry.

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Example Use Cases


IntelliAgent can do as much as 90% of the work the customer support and contact centre agents do. It can communicate over phone, chat and email and help your customers with complex issues.

No. It does way more than a chatbot. It’s multichannel and works over phone, chat and email. It can communicate and take complex actions to help customers end to end i.e. update customer order, and let them know about their order status by working with your internal systems.

Do you still need humans for handling calls and chat? Then there’s a lot more you could automate. IntelliAgent helps you automate as much as 90% of the customer support work by combining best of AI and automation technology.

Sure. Your agents can keep handling the requests that you don’t want to automate (e.g. sales calls), and IntelliAgentcan help you decrease the load by handling other types of calls and chat which are less critical. Also, it can handle a call partially before the call is handed over to a human agent, so that agents can focus on real human interaction instead of capturing data. You can always automate a lot of email and chat interactions.

Yes, you can automate chat only. Or only the email or text support.

Yes, IntelliAgentworks with all IVRs. All you need to do is forward the call you want IntelliAgentto handle, and it can take it from there. Or you can use IntelliAgent to filter all incoming calls.

Yes. IntelliAgent is able to use the same applications your agents currently do. It integrates rapidly with web applications e.g. crm, provisioning, order tracking, help desk etc. Rather, we carry out the integration work at no cost, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Yes. It talks to customers over phone (and chat), asks relevant questions (it gets trained for these at the start), and communicates back and forth.

Humans understand phone conversations with around 95% accuracy (we ask again if we don’t understand). With training, IntelliAgent understands phone conversation with 90% accuracy or more.

Yes. It uses AI to communicate and also to perform certain actions. It keeps getting better using deep learning technology.

No, it goes further, and automates a call/chat/email interaction end to end. It takes action to complete the relevant tasks to help customers end to end e.g. update the customer order, give them an update based on the current status of their order, help them change the booking etc.

That’s not a problem. You don’t really need an IT project to roll out IntelliAgent at your company. We take care of the integration work, so you don’t have to worry. Integration comes free of charge.

No problem. IntelliAgentcan forward to call to your agents, or take a message for one of your agent to follow up.

IntelliAgent scales rapidly. Once IntelliAgent is trained, adding more capacity is a matter of clicking a few buttons, as it’s deployed in the cloud.

IntelliAgent helps you cut your customer support costs by 50-60% or more.

Yes. You can use IntelliAgent to handle overflow or handle demand during busy periods – so you can respond to business changes rapidly and your customers don’t need to wait at all.

Yes. You can use IntelliAgent as a cost effective and resilient disaster recovery solution.

Sure. We’ll make a custom pilot for you, that works in your business context, and works with your applications, so you can really see it in action. Please book a demo.



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