• High Cost
  • Limited hours of operation
  • Slower to add/remove capacity
  • 60-70% cheaper
  • Instant response, 24/7
  • Add/remove capacity quickly

Automate chat. All of it. Even complex scenarios.

Go beyond FAQs and simple automated responses.

IntelliAgent uses AI to automate chat completely. Even complex things your staff need to do currently.

Provide 24x7 chat (and phone/email) support. Increase or decrease capacity rapidly.

Delight your customers. And cuts costs.

Why Automate Chat

Cut Costs by 70% or more

Running a call centre, onshore or offshore, costs a lot of money. Save 70% or more by automating chat support.

Delight Customers With a Speedy Response

Your customers don’t need to wait for agent availability. Delight them with an instant response whenever they contact, 24/7.

Scale Automatically

Busy season? Or a slow one? No need to worry about capacity planning, hiring and training. Scale up or down - when you need to with a few clicks.

Decrease Call Volume

Provide and promote chat support to decrease the expensive incoming phone calls.

Eliminate Mistakes

Software doesn’t get tired. It doesn’t get annoyed. Eliminate human errors, and give your customers exactly what they want. Every single time.

Agents That Never Sleep

Software never sleeps. Or takes lunch breaks. Serve your customers, 24/7. All year long. And still, save over 70% in costs.

Change When You Need to – Instantly

No need to worry about staff training and manuals. Adapt to business and technology changes. Change and test rapidly. And deploy quickly.

Use Your Existing Applications

No need for any custom integration, APIs, or to build anything new. IntelliAgent works exactly the applications your customer support agents currently use.

IntelliAgent Explained - In 2 Minutes

Example Use Case

National Chain of Opticians currently taking large numbers of appointment bookings over the phone. Live chat built with IntelliAgent responding to all incoming chat, where no chat existed before, to take bookings quickly and efficiently deflecting load from the contact centre. IntelliAgent capable of interfacing with Enterprise systems to find available appointments and book customer slots.

Phase 1

Chat placed on website where number to call was previously to encourage use of chat as the first port of call.

Phase 2

Chat solution rolled out further to other uses such as including chat link rather than phone number with 'Your eye test is due' reminder texts further deflecting load but also allowing bookings to be made 24x7..


  • More bookings as a result of 24x7 access to bookings system.

  • Customer Service Operations costs reduced by over 60%

More Example Use Cases

  • Where is my order?

  • I'd like to cancel my order.

  • Where is the nearest store to me where you have an item in stock?

  • What room types have you got available?

  • Can I change account/address details?

  • I'd like to book/change/cancel an appointment.

  • I'd like to book a viewing of a car.

  • Could I book my car in for a service / MOT?

  • My car has broken down, can you send someone to help?

  • Can I confirm my booking has been processed?

  • How do I return an item?

  • Do you have an item in stock?

  • Can I book/cancel a hotel room?

  • Can I book/change/cancel a ferry crossing?

  • Can you help me fault find the problem with my broadband/device/utility?

  • I'd like to book/change a viewing of a property.

  • Could I book my car in for a service / MOT?

  • How much will a service cost me for my vehicle?

  • I'd like to make a change to my insurance policy.

  • And many more.


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