Case Study – Travel Intermediary (Ferry Bookings)


An International Travel Booking Intermediary takes ferry bookings through its website. These bookings are added to its Virtual Inventory (VI). Every time a booking is made by a customer, an equivalent booking needs to be made with the travel operator. Where inventory is no longer available, alternative options need to be relayed to the customer and on confirmation from the customer, the booking needs to be made with the travel operator. Once the booking is made, the booking needs to be confirmed to the customer.

With a huge peak of demand over the summer months, the business needed to recruit, train and manage approximately 5x the staff for the Contact Centre / admin team compared with the off season.

Manual process leads to huge costs. Queues at busy times lead to poor perception from customers as bookings not confirmed in a timely manner.

Solution – Phase 1:

IntelliAgent trained to process virtual inventory bookings across multiple operators. It communicates back and forth with the customer to confirm changes when needed and sends confirmation to customers when booking is completed.

As a result, the requirement to temporarily recruit large numbers of staff for the summer period was massively reduced. The core team of advisers were able to focus on handling the more interesting complex customer enquiries.

Solution – Phase 2:

Other areas of customer service identified to be automated including handling 90%+ of emails – dealing with cancellations, amendments and FAQs. IntelliAgent trained to fully and automatically deal with these enquiries 24x7 vastly improving customer experience.


State of Automation




Expensive manual processing

Large volume of repetitive admin work dealing with Virtual Inventory bookings

Poor employee job satisfaction

Need to massively scale operation up for peak season and down again afterwards

Phase 1

State of Automation




Increased employee satisfaction

60% reduction in cost of processing Virtual Inventory bookings

No need to recruit, train and manage temporary staff over summer peak massively reduced

Customer bookings confirmed rapidly and dealt with 24x7 for better customer experience

Phase 2

State of Automation




90%+ of customer service dealt with near instantaneously, 24x7

Further reduction in manual dealing with all aspects of customer service

Human agents free to focus on more complex bookings such as multiple parties traveling together


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